Total price advertised:

The total price advertised includes all costs and charges including bed linen / towels – unless there are additional observations noted on the accommodation detail web page. Where a host offers optional additional services, such as breakfast, these can be arranged directly with the host and paid for separately, if applicable. Full details concerning prices can be found on the web page for each individual property.


After booking you will receive detailed booking documentation from us by email, as well as a final invoice.
In some rare cases, you may receive the invoice directly from your host, or even two separate invoices (agency/host).


The payment terms ordinarily depend on the date of booking:

If the date of booking is more than 42 days (6 weeks) before your arrival date, then two payment options are available:

A) Payment of the total sum due within one week of the date of booking

B) Payment in two instalments
– First instalment due within one week of the date of booking
– Second instalment due at least four weeks prior to the arrival date
– The amounts of both instalments and the payment terms are stated on your invoice.

If the date of booking is less than 42 days (6 weeks) and more than eight days before your arrival date, payment of the total sum is required within one week of the date of booking.

For last minute bookings – less than 8 days prior to arrival – the total amount is usually paid in cash to the host upon arrival.

Various payment options are possible and can be agreed on an individual basis.


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